Me being a professional programmer for the last 4 years and a few years ago I tried Webflow just to see what’s all the hype about this no code trend. For years I have been reading about these visual builder tools who eventually fade out against the “real tools”. But after trying Webflow my perception completely fell apart.

Wow, no code is good

Webflow is awesome. no code tools are really good but hang on, it’s not for the reason as you think. I know you don’t need to learn coding is a big advantage. But hey no coders, you have one massive unfair advantage over us coders that it doesn’t require long hours of focused work.

Damm, this is too good to be true

when you are coding you need to build that complex mental model in your brain which takes a while and gets completely broken if disturbed in the middle. Strangely I didn’t feel the need to build that deep focus while building things using webflow and that’s a big deal for people who have small kids or long-duration jobs yet want to build something on the side

Looking at the bigger picture

Saying that no-code tools are making software development accessible is a very narrow view to look at it. I personally felt no-code tool makes entrepreneurship more accessible which is a way bigger deal. By not forcing people to arrange long focused working hours cause it’s a total privilege for many of us working-class people. I look forward to building some extensions on webflow-API to make entrepreneurship more accessible than ever.

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